Buhosoft (Buho Software Inc.) is a leader for consumer health solutions. Buhosoft develops and commercializes information technology solutions for the consumer health market aiming solutions in the management of cancer disease, obesity and other related chronic diseases.

We are serious about the business of assistive living technologies and how our solutions enable a more independent lifestyle.

Our suite of products improves the quality of health services delivered for the treatment of chronic diseases that translates into better health outcomes of the patient.

Buhosoft is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada targeting the worldwide market of chronic disease management.

Development of innovative technology solutions for the consumer health industry.

Buhosoft’s commitment to product quality and outstanding service characterize the way Buhosoft does business with their clients. Buhosoft’s philosophy is to understand people health needs and its management before any research and development takes place, keeping an open dialogue and communication among stakeholders.

Stakeholders are partners in the research and development of the technology solution. This minimizes the risks and develops a partnership team engaged in the development cycle. Buhosoft team and partners participate in the entire cycle from conceptualization to implementation. Our strong alliance with collaborators produces outstanding products and services.

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