Buhosoft currently offers two innovative software-based solutions for the management of cancer disease and for the management of obesity.

  • Buhosoft Circle of Care (or Buhosoft CofC™ for short) is our cancer disease management solution. Buhosoft CofC solution improves patient outcomes by providing a suite of tools that helps manage the disease from a holistic perspective. Buhosoft CofC is designed for the family and friends of the cancer patient. Buhosoft CofC integrates information from a variety of sources on the disease management that makes the cancer management journey an easier task.

  • Buhosoft Obesity™ management solution provides a suite of tools to obtain better control of obesity that translate into a better health for the patient. Obesity is a common symptom of many diseases and its control is critical to avoid and / or minimize the occurrence of other comorbidities. Obesity is becoming one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the world. Buhosoft Obesity understands the unique challenges of the disease by targeting the obesity issues from a personalized perspective with its distinctive approach.
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